One invaluable aspect of attending our annual conferences is the chance to hear from top industry experts on the latest trends in HR and the future of the workforce. These are the primary reasons for people to join OSHRM (membership, conference, events) and what they will gain (features, opportunities, experiences, connections)

  • A chance to gain more knowledge and achieve goals
  • Keep up with current HR trends and transformations
  • Meet and connect with like-minded people and expertise
  • Get a chance to rejuvenate and get motivated
  • Be part of the global act towards diversity and inclusion

OSHRM 7TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE THEME: Sprinting Towars The Future Of Work

The corporate landscape has borne witness to dramatic shifts and groundbreaking milestones. From political upheavals to global health crises like the COVID-19 pandemic, and now, the rising tide of the Fourth Industrial Revolution led by Artificial Intelligence. In navigating these tumultuous waters, businesses are learning to harness the transformative potential of AI, not as a mere tool, but as a strategic partner for organizational growth. The implications of AI for the future of workforce are immense. Leadership is at the vanguard of this AI revolution, their role transforming from traditional managers to visionary technocrats, leveraging the power of AI for strategic decision-making, talent management, and driving business innovation.

The ascendance of AI-powered technologies like Chat GPT has been a game changer, paving the way for enhanced HR functionalities like automated talent acquisition, personalized employee engagement, and data-driven performance appraisal. This AI transformation, while undoubtedly lucrative, demands conscientious navigation around ethical considerations. The sanctity of privacy and cybersecurity, for instance, have emerged as paramount concerns in the age of AI, necessitating robust safeguards and regulatory measures.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) too, are being profoundly influenced by AI. AI tools, when designed with care and sensitivity, can mitigate unconscious bias in HR processes, fostering a more diverse and inclusive workforce. However, it is crucial to ensure these tools themselves are free from biases, underscoring the need for transparent, inclusive AI.

AI is not just reshaping HR processes, but also the very fabric of organizational culture. Embracing AI necessitates a culture of continual learning and adaptability, a culture where technology and humanity coalesce in harmony. This metamorphosis, while challenging, presents opportunities for enhanced productivity, operational efficiency, and employee satisfaction in the increasingly digital workplace.

The Global HR & AI Summit will bring together thought leaders, business magnates, and HR pioneers to delve into the myriad dimensions of « Reimagining HR «. By joining us, you will be part of a riveting discourse on the transformation of HR, focusing on an international perspective with a keen understanding of unique regional dynamics. Our collective insights will shape the future of work, forging the path to a more inclusive, efficient, and AI-driven world.


Who should

  • Chief executives and Chairmen
  • Presidents
  • Vice-presidents
  • Chief human resource officers
  • HR Directors, Heads of Talent & Resourcing
  • Heads of HR functions
  • HR Managers
  • Chief operating officers
  • Chief social responsibility officers
  • Chief marketing officers
  • Chief strategy officers
  • Chief diversity officers
  • Heads of diversity, equality and inclusion
  • Analysts and consultants
  • Policymakers
  • Academics
  • HR professionals
  • Training & development
7th Annual Conference

13th to 15th February 2024

At Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre, Muscat