The Omani Society for Human Resource Management (OSHRM) is, proudly, the first and only such entity in Oman and with members from both the private and public sectors.

OSHRM was legally recognized as an independent Not-for-profit Professional Society, as it stands today, in accordance with Oman’s regulations in May 2014 ,21. Since then, OSHRM has become one of the most active NGOs in Oman working with wider network with business partners including government, corporate sector, other NGOs and individual professional and volunteering groups in Oman and internationally.

Our mission
  • Continue to build and nurture the growing HR capacity in the Sultanate
  • Be the focal point of HR expertise and a conduit for international best practices
  • Provide consultancy, guidance and technical knowledge to the growing body of professionals, and to industries
  • Align and co-ordinate the three sources of HR practices and knowledge: Academic, Private and Public sectors

Our vision is to be the voice of Human Resources Management in Oman.


Our Values are Passion, Integrity, Diversity and Professionalism.